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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


Fleet maintenance is the generic term for all the steps needed to keep a company's collection of vehicles or ships in optimal working order. Ranging in tasks, fleet maintenance includes financing, repair and preventative measures, speed management, fuel management and safety management.


From financial to safety, the goal of fleet maintenance is to remove or minimize risks associated with the owning and operation of vehicles. Ultimately efficiency and productivity are improved by reducing overall transportation and staffing costs. Moreover, proper fleet maintenance will ensure 100% compliance with government rules and regulations.


The fleet maintenance industry relies on parts washers for auto repair and preventive measures that ensure vehicles and ships are running at optimal performance. With speedy repairs and routine maintenance there is less cost associated with the company's fleet, and safety is better ensured.


Benefits of a Part Washer in Fleet Maintenance

By using a parts washer for vehicle and/or ship service and repair, even the dirtiest parts can be quickly and safely cleaned. For instance, oil pans, engine blocks and transmissions can be completely cleaned free of contaminants and debris including dirt, grime, grease, oil, break dust, and paint.


Fleet maintenance industries also receive cost benefits because several parts can often be washed simultaneously.


Fleet Maintenance Going Green

Just as other industries are working hard to be environmentally friendly, fleet maintenance is no exception. From GPS assistance that maps out the best routes for saving gas, to scheduled routine maintenance to help optimal gas usage, fleet maintenance is putting additional emphasis on helping the environment.


Part washers can help with this emphasis towards a cleaner environment; parts washers are available now that use naturally occurring microbes to break down contaminants and debris. Unlike parts washers of the past these new, greener versions don't generate a liquid hazardous waste. And since there is no liquid hazardous waste, fleet management doesn't get hit with the same high costs associated with waste disposal.


These new greener part washers are also more energy efficient is just another example of how fleet maintenance is saving costs while reducing its footprint on the environment.