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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


The term "military" is far-reaching. One of the most basic definitions is the organization tasked to protect a greater society. It is also responsible for advancing a political agenda and supporting expansion.


Just as the civilian population will use parts washers, so does the military. Parts washers are used to remove contaminants or debris such as grease, oil, grime and paint from dirty parts or weapons. The military employs parts washers in the same capacity as non-military operations.


Parts Washing and Vehicle Maintenance

A part washer is often used by the military to clean the dirtiest parts of vehicles, such as engine blocks, oil pans, and transmissions, to ensure top-performance.


Many military operations are often completed in dusty, sandy environments. By using part washers, the cars, trucks, jeeps and other vehicles used can be properly cleaned and maintained.


Aircraft and Parts Washers

Just as ground vehicles need to be properly cleaned for optimal performance and efficiency, so do aircraft parts.


Parts washers are used in jet engine facilities to clean virtually every part of a jet. A part washer is also used to clean aircraft wheels and landing gear.


Weapons Cleaning with Parts Washers

Weapons are the first line of defense and offense in military operations. Parts washers are used to clean all types of weapons, including M16s, small side arms, and cannons.


Benefits of the Military Using Parts Washers

Military operations can benefit from using parts washers because several parts can be cleaned simultaneously. Moreover, parts washers improve safety conditions while cutting labor costs.