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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


What is an Aqueous Part Washer?

An aqueous parts washer is a safe and effective solution to cleaning parts. It is an alternative to solvent parts cleaning and eliminates the need for harmful cleaning solutions. Aqueous parts washers use water based chemicals. They are less hazardous to operate than a petroleum solvent parts washer, eliminating the release of caustic materials and the risk of fire.


An aqueous parts washer reduces the release of VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, cause lung problems and other medical issues. Aqueous parts washers can improve parts cleaning in your operation and reduce the creation of hazardous waste.


How does an Aqueous Part Washer Work?

Our SmartWasher, an Aqueous parts washer, works similarly to a solvent washer except it is safe to use. It heats the Aqueous degreasing solution or surfactant in the unit. This heated solution acts like a liquid spatula - lifting the grease, oil, and other contaminants off the part leaving the surface completely clean without an oily finish.


What About the Cleaning Solution?

At Chemfree, we have developed and patented our own powerful, aqueous based degreasing solution called OzzyJuice.  The microbes are located on the OzzyMat; Once the OzzyJuice flows through the OzzyMat and into the tank of the SmartWasher, the microbes come to life and begin breaking down grease, oil, and other organic products into harmless carbon dioxide and water. This process is called bioremediation.


Safe and bioremediating, this new way to clean is non toxic, non flammable, and non hazardous. The SmartWasher, an Aqueous parts washer that uses OzzyJuice, is safe for workers and safe for the environment.


SmartWasher: The Best Aqueous Part Washer

Check out our SmartWasher, the world’s best selling bioremediating parts washing system. Dramatically reduce waste streams, while eliminating the expense of hazardous waste removal. Our SmartWasher is an innovative parts washing system that unites superior performance and environmental responsibility at an affordable price. Contact us for a distributor near you.