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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


When your business depends on keeping your auto parts clean, degreased and in peak operating condition, the SmartWasher® bioremediating parts washing system is the answer you’ve been waiting for. The system combines three innovative products, including the durable SmartWasher® parts cleaning equipment, OzzyJuice® solution for unmatched degreasing power and a specialized particulate trap called the OzzyMat™, which breaks down grease, oil and other harmful contaminants. The result is an effective, easy-to-use, eco-safe system that will save you time, money and keep your auto parts and equipment running clean.


Benefits of Auto Degreaser Washing with SmartWasher®

There are numerous reasons why our auto parts washing and degreaser system is a smart choice for your operation. Not only is it extremely cost effective, it’s also safer for both the user and the environment. Our SmartWasher® uses solutions that degrease auto parts quickly and effectively, while at the same time eliminating the generation of liquid hazardous wastes. It’s constructed from heavy duty HDPE, so it’s built to stand up to vigorous daily applications, effectively getting your parts cleaner than ever before.


Auto Degreaser Washing Saves You Money

Our bioremediating parts washing systems is a smart investment not only because it will keep your operation moving with less breakdowns and reduce the costs of repairing and replacing parts, but it will also cut your average monthly expenses. The SmartWasher® eliminates hazardous waste service contract charges, as well as the need for gloves, respirators, eye protection and other safety equipment. It also cuts cost in training, emergency spill containment materials, permits, insurance and more. As soon as you start using the SmartWasher® you will see the savings and, to prove our point, we’ll let you try our automotive parts washer for free for 30 days.


Make the Choice for a Better Degreaser Washer

Our automotive parts washer gives you the opportunity to go green, without compromising an inch when it comes to performance and reliability. The SmartWasher® system with OzzyJuice® and OzzyMat™ will put the best parts washer and degreaser to work for you, while at the same time stopping the generation of liquid hazardous waste, toxic solvents and caustic materials.


Buy an Auto Parts Washer/Degreaser Today

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