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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


Any parts washer you choose should provide you with several important benefits. By selecting the SmartWasher® from ChemFree, to clean your vital industrial parts and equipment, you will get a parts washer that not only helps keep parts in peak working condition but also extends their longevity. Your business will also receive a host of economic and environmental benefits to boot.


A Powerful Grime-Fighting System


Of course you want a parts washer that will remove stubborn contaminants like grease, oil, and paint with ease. The SmartWasher® system effectively merges science and technology to provide the unparalleled cleaning power you need. Using a process known as bioremediation, the SmartWasher® makes use of highly potent microbes that break down grease and grime without the use of caustic chemicals or solvents. Bioremediation is so effective that analyses have shown the presence of 1,400 parts per million presence of grease and oil after use, compared to 20,000 parts per million when using a non-bioremediating cleaners.


Our Parts Washer Can Save You Money


These days what company isn’t looking for ways to cut costs and save money? With a SmartWasher® you get a parts washer that will help reduce expenses in areas like liquid hazardous waste removal contracts, EPA/OSHA compliance and employee downtime due to illnesses from exposure to toxic substances. By keeping your parts as clean as can be, your equipment will break down less frequently and last longer, sparing you the cost of expensive repairs and replacement.


Our Parts Washer Is Safe for the Environment


Using toxic substances to clean your parts is not only hazardous to the health of your employees but can also cause irreparable harm to the environment. The SmartWasher® is an environmentally friendly parts washer system that is completely safe to use. Unlike cleaning parts with solvents or chemicals, the microbes used in the SmartWasher convert contaminants into harmless, non-toxic, carbon dioxide and water that evaporate in the atmosphere, leaving no harmful byproducts in its wake. In fact, the SW-4 Heavy Duty OzzyJuice® degreaser is so safe that it earned the prestigious DfE Seal of Approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is only awarded to products consisting of the safest possible ingredients.


Parts Washer Equipment That Is Built to Last


All SmartWasher® products are manufactured with high-quality materials designed for extended long-term use. For instance, the SmartWasher® system is constructed from heavy-duty HDPE that can withstand even the most challenging cleaning environments. And you should never have to change or dispose of the OzzyJuice® degreasing solution, provided you change the accompanying OzzyMat™ particulate trap on a monthly basis.


A Parts Washer Featuring a Risk-free 30 day Trial


Another all-important benefit of the SmartWasher® system is that you can try it out, free, for 30 days. If you are not convinced that it is the best parts washer you have ever used, simply return it at the end of the trial period, and you’ll only have to pay the return shipping costs. There’s no risk whatsoever! To order your SmartWasher® system call ChemFree today at 800-521-7182.


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