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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


Bioremediation is defined as the accelerated break down of organic compounds through the use of enzymes, bacteria, or fungi…nature’s way of cleaning the environment.


Bioremediation is a safe, environmentally friendly way to process many kinds of hazardous waste into harmless carbon dioxide and water. The EPA considers this a viable solution for the cleanup of oil spills and other contaminants.


Bioremediation Parts Washers

At Chemfree, our mission is to develop, manufacture, and market a bioremediation parts washer for automotive, industrial, and commercial users that is safe and effective, reduces the release of VOC’s, and eliminates the generation of liquid hazardous wastes.


We’ve done just that with our SmartWasher system, which combines our patented bioremediation parts washer with our patented bioremediation cleaner.


Our Bioremediation Cleaner

Our bioremediation parts washers use our patented bioremediation cleaner called OzzyJuice. OzzyJuice is a water based degreaser that is non caustic, non toxic, has no flash point, and is pH neutral.


The remarkable bioremediation process working in the SmartWasher leaves the OzzyJuice clean, strong and ready for the next batch of dirty parts.


Bioremediation Parts Cleaners are Safe

Bioremediation parts cleaners are completely safe to humans, as well as the environment. When used with our bioremediation parts washers, they leave no hazardous by-products. The expense and liability of hazardous waste removal is eliminated.


If you want a cost-effective and safe solution to your parts cleaning, then the SmartWasher system is perfect for your company. Try a bioremediation parts washer at your company with a free 30 day trial.


Contact ChemFree today at 1-800-521-7182 for more information about our bioremediation parts cleaners and washers. Calculate your savings and determine how much money we can save your company.