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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


Tired of dangerous chemicals and the expense of hauling and handling hazardous waste? Our chemical free parts washers utilize bioremediation to cost-effectively clean and breakdown grease from industrial and automotive parts without the use of harsh and dangerous solvents. A bioremediation cleaner uses biological agents, such as microbes, to remove or neutralize contaminants, turning harmful material into non-toxic substances.


Bioremediation is a safe, environmentally friendly way to process many kinds of hazardous waste into harmless by products.  Our patented OzzyMats contain microbes (Ozzys®) that live in our patented, chemical free cleaner, OzzyJuice.  These microbes break down grease, oil and other contaminants and the by product is harmless carbon dioxide and water. OzzyJuice is a non-caustic, water-based formula that won’t dry, crack, or irritate the skin. The same can’t be said about other caustic chemical solvents.


A Chemical Free Parts Washer That Works

Our SmartWasher is the world’s best selling chemical free parts washer. This system combines our patented OzzyJuice cleaner with our OzzyMat, a specialized particulate trap, making our chemical free parts washer a resounding success with our clients.


A chemical free parts washer eliminates the need for aerosol cleaners, which will effectively reduce your operating costs. Calculate your savings and find out how much money your company could be saving with the addition of a chemical free parts washer. Bioremediation also effectively eliminates the generation of liquid chemical waste, saving your company the cost of disposal and danger from handling.


Stop hauling and handling dangerous waste. Our chemical free parts washers are the safe solution for your company and EMPLOYEES. Contact ChemFree at 1-800-521-7182 to locate a distributor near you.