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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


Parts cleaning is an essential part of the automotive industry, where the need to degrease engine parts affects machine performance, and safety. Automotive and Industrial companies degrease engine parts regularly and can save time and money with a SmartWasher parts cleaner.


When Do You Need a Parts Washer?

Anyone who cleans automobile or equipment parts on a regular basis can benefit from a safe parts washer. Many mechanic shops degrease engine parts on a daily basis, as part of regular auto maintenance and repair. Proper use of a parts washer will restore used parts to the best possible condition before reusing or reselling.


The maintenance department of any large auto or mechanical fleet can benefit from a parts washer, whether the fleet is public, commercial or military in nature.


Delicate Parts, Delicate Cleaning

Today’s engine parts include delicate materials and parts, including plastic, rubber, chrome and ceramic material. Caustic cleaning solutions can seriously damage delicate parts, thereby decreasing the parts lifespan and increasing working costs. The SmartWasher uses a non-caustic, non-hazardous, ph-neutral, bioremediation cleaning solution to degrease engine parts.


What Is Bioremediation?

Bioremediation uses microbes to degrease engine parts. The microbes breakdown and consume grease and other contaminants. The Environmental Protection Agency lists bioremediation as an innovative and environmentally friendly technology, and it is used as the basis for our SmartWasher parts washing systems.


How We Clean & Degrease Engine Parts

Chemfree’s SmartWasher is a durable machine built from tough HDPE, with a 300 gph pump, adjustable thermostat and liquid level indicator. The real cleaning power, however, comes from our proprietary OzzyJuice® cleaning solvent and OzzyMats®, which are impregnated with microbes.


OzzyJuice® is our non-caustic, non-toxic cleaning solution. Tough enough to degrease engine parts, Ozzyjuice® is also safe enough that it won’t harm or irritate your hands. The cleaning solution attacks the surface tension binding grease to parts.


Once the surface tension breaks, grease, dirt and oil fall into the sink then filter into the OzzyJuice® solution. The OzzyMat® filter traps free-floating grease particles as small as 50 microns, which are consumed by the OzzyMat’s® microbial inhabitants, or Ozzys®. Ozzys® microbes, located inside the OzzyMat, come to life in the OzzyJuice and consume the carbon based material not trapped in the OzzyMat®.


The bioremediation process in the SmartWasher produces a harmless by-product of so operators don’t risk exposure to hazardous vapors. The process is as environmentally beneficial as possible, while remaining an effective way to degrease engine parts.


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