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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


ChemFree’s bioremediating SmartWasher® system is not only the most effective parts washer on the market, it’s also the safest. The SmartWasher® uses a pH neutral degreasing solution that’s non-hazardous to the environment and has no flash point. That means when you purchase our patented system you get the performance you want in a non-flammable washer. It’s never been easier to keep parts clean so they last longer and perform better.


How Does Our Non-Flammable Parts Cleaner Work?

The SmartWasher® from ChemFree combines three innovative products together for one incredible bioremediating parts washing system. The SmartWasher® equipment itself produces superior results with a large 300-gph pump, fluid level sensor, adjustable thermostat and on-board diagnostics. The degreasing solution is called OzzyJuice®, and it contains no hazardous solvents, is non-caustic and non-flammable. Finally, the OzzyMat™ is a patented particulate trap with microbes called Ozzys, which break down and eliminate the grease, oil and other contaminants out of the OzzyJuice®. The end result is parts that are left cleaner and stronger for every use.


The Non-Flammable OzzyJuice® Advantage

While other parts cleaning and degreasing systems use toxic and caustic materials that are potentially dangerous to your users and the environment, the SmartWasher® system utilizes a revolutionary pH neutral solvent solution. OzzyJuice® is a greener option than the toxic alternatives, yet is a powerful degreasing solution that cleans as quickly and effectively as premium solvents. Other heated cleaning solutions raise serious safety concerns with the possibly of ignition, while OzzyJuice® is a non-flammable parts cleaner that has no flash point.


Choose a Non-Flammable Parts Cleaner for Safer, Superior Results

The SmartWasher® system with OzzyJuice® and OzzyMat™ is a cost-effective, green product that delivers the results you want. Our bioremediating and non-flammable parts washing and degreasing system eliminates the need for aerosol cleaners, the overuse of hand cleaners, dangerous chemical waste handling and transportation, and liabilities. With the ChemFree system you’ll be able to alleviate the concern for ignition of toxic solutions, reduce expenses incurred in safety preparation and maintenance, and at the same time enjoy the most effective parts cleaner on the market.


Don’t Delay: Order your Non-Flammable Parts Cleaner Today

ChemFree’s safe and effective SmartWasher® system supplies the best results in a non-flammable parts cleaner. If you are ready to experience the difference, contact us for information on ordering the SmartWasher® system today!


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