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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


Is your current solvent part washer costing your company money? Our SmartWasher is safer and more cost-effective than a solvent parts washer. Click here for more information on our non solvent parts washers. Stop using dangerous solvent part washers, contact ChemFree® today.


What is a Solvent Parts Washer?

Solvent parts washers are used by automotive, industrial and commercial markets to clean dirty parts and/or components. Solvent part washers use harsh, caustic and hazardous solvents to clean parts, such as mineral spirits, benzene, xylenes, and trichloroethane.


Solvent Parts Washer and Chemicals

Solvent parts washers use toxic, flammable, and corrosive, chemicals to clean dirty parts.  These chemicals are hazardous to the employees with direct contact; placing hands in solvent and/or inhaling solvent vapors can be detrimental to ones health.  Toxic solvents are proven to cause many illnesses, and some solvents are known to contain carcinogens. Protect your workers…invest in a safer, chemical free parts cleaner, a bioremediation parts cleaner.


Solvent Parts Washers Yield Hazardous Waste

Solvent parts washers create waste that is hazardous and must be disposed of properly through costly hauling, transportation and regulatory fees.


Bioremediating parts cleaners use biological agents, such as microbes, to remove or neutralize contaminants, turning harmful material into non-toxic substances.


Inside the base of our SmartWasher bioremediating parts washers, grease, oil, grime and other contaminants are broken down into harmless carbon dioxide and water through the natural process of bioremediation. Stop creating hazardous waste…protect the environment and purchase a SmartWasher today. Contact us to locate a distributor near you.


Solvent Part Washers Are Costly

Most companies recognize huge savings when they eliminate their solvent parts washer and switch to a non hazardous, bioremediating SmartWasher. A simple equipment change not only eliminates a hazardous and flammable liquid from your plant but also eliminates many other expensive compliance materials and products used in conjunction with solvents: gloves, respirators, eye protection and much more. Eliminate insurance coverage for flash point fluids and VOC emitting materials. Eliminate the liquid hazardous waste stream, transportation charges or regulatory fees.


SmartWasher bioremediating parts washers are the cost-effective solution that will save your company money. Want to find out how much money you could be saving by purchasing a SmartWasher Parts Washing System? Fill out our savings calculator today.


Deregulate and detoxify your workplace…buy a bioremediation parts cleaner from ChemFree today. Contact ChemFree at 1-800-521-7182 to locate a distributor near you.