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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


All Types of Parts Washers for All Types of Parts Washing Needs

Whether your business involves auto repair, industrial repairs, fleet maintenance, or even military operations, there are powerful SmartWasher® parts washers from ChemFree Corporation that can fit your parts washing needs. ChemFree parts washers introduce a, unique and highly effective, patented bioremediation process to break down and remove harmful contaminants like grease, oil and other contaminants into a harmless byproduct of carbon dioxide and water. Because this final byproduct simply evaporates, there is no need to handle or dispose of toxic, liquid hazardous waste. As a result, ChemFree parts washers are not only a highly effective way to clean your vital equipment but are also completely safe for the environment.


Choose from Five Different Types of SmartWasher® Units


The “nerve center” of the SmartWasher® parts washing system is the SmartWasher® unit which operates through a standard electrical outlet. Choose from a variety of five different models, all including features such as heavy-duty HDPE construction, a powerful 300 gallons per hour, electric pump, and toggle switch controls along with onboard diagnostics for easy operation. You can customize your SmartWasher for your shop requirements by choosing from an array of parts washers that are designed for parts as well as brake cleaning, are mobile and more.


OzzyJuice® Degreaser – A Powerful Way to Get Rid of Grease and Grime for Good


The best parts washers require the use of a powerful cleaning solution. The OzzyJuice® Degreaser from ChemFree not only has a healthy appetite for grease, grime, dirt, oil, and a host of other contaminants, but includes the added benefit of being non-flammable, non-caustic, biodegradable, and pH neutral, making it a totally environmentally friendly choice. Six different OzzyJuice® solutions are available for specific uses like truck parts, metals, aircraft parts, and weapons. There’s no messy mixing involved; you only need to add a five-gallon container to your SmartWasher unit. Under normal operating conditions, you only need to add more OzzyJuice® every six to eight weeks. For those especially difficult cleaning situations add the microbe enhanced OzzyBooster™ and ensure its peak performance.


OzzyMat™ Protects While Improving the Operating Efficiency of ChemFree Parts Washers


OzzyMat™ is a key component in all ChemFree parts washers. OzzyMat™ introduces grime-fighting Ozzy® microbes into the cleaning system and traps larger pieces of grease, oil and particulate. Changing the OzzyMat™ every 30 days ensures ChemFree parts washers continue to operate at peak efficiency. Single and multi-layer type OzzyMats are available, depending on the particulate size you typically encounter in your parts washers operation.


Take the 30-Day ChemFree Parts Washers Challenge


If you currently use parts washers in your operation, ChemFree invites you to experience the power and performance of SmartWasher® on a no-cost, free trial basis for 30 days. During that time, compare the SmartWasher® to solvent use and see how you will save in areas like hazardous waste service contract charges, reduction in protection equipment costs, and training expenses, just to name a few. Not to mention the superior cleaning power one of the best and safest parts washers on the market. Call ChemFree at 800-521-7182 for your risk-free SmartWasher® 30 day trial today!



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