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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


An aqueous or water based parts washer is a safe and effective solution to cleaning parts. Solvent parts washers clean parts with petroleum based contaminants that are toxic, flammable and caustic. Water based parts washers use aqueous, non toxic, water based cleaners, and detergents.


A water based parts washer will reduce the release of VOC emissions (volatile organic compound) and toxic vapors, which are harmful to any employee working with or near a solvent parts washer. Switching from a solvent parts washer to a water based parts washer will eliminate the many costs associated with solvent use. Save your company money by switching to a SmartWasher, the world’s best selling water based parts washers. Contact us for a distributor near you.


SmartWasher: The Best Water Based Parts Washer

Check out our SmartWasher, the world’s best selling bioremediating parts washing system. Protect your employees with a SmartWasher, an innovative parts washing system that unites superior performance and environmental responsibility at an affordable price.


How do Water Based Parts Washers work?

Water based parts washers are designed to work with aqueous cleaning solutions.  The SmartWasher, the world’s best selling water based part washer, uses OzzyJuice, our powerful degreasing solutions, with our OzzyMat, a microbe impregnated particulate trap.  These amazing products work through the natural process of bioremediation.


Bioremediation is the process by which microbes turn harmful carbon based materials into harmless carbon dioxide and water…natures way of cleaning. The microbes in OzzyJuice, called Ozzys, break down grease, oil and other contaminants and the by product evaporates into the air.


Water Based Parts Washers Are Intensely Powerful

The powerful OzzyJuice degreasing solutions clean as quickly as premium solvents. In fact, after each use, the remarkable bioremediation process leaves the OzzyJuice clean, strong and ready for the next batch of dirty parts. OzzyJuice is also non caustic, non toxic and non-irritating so the solution won’t dry, crack, or irritate the skin. OzzyJuice is completely safe for your employees and the environment. Get the results you need, safely and successfully, from the SmartWasher, our water based parts washers.


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