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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


SW 25c Combo Auto Parts Washer






SW-25C- is two full-sized parts washing systems combined into one. This mobile unit has all of the great SmartWasher features – toggle switch controls, a flow control timer and adjustable thermostat but also has two pumps, an electric operated pump/brush and air operated pump/brush; a dolly comes standard.





Overall Dimensions

35.5" x 26.5" x 36" +/- .5" (add 6" for the dolly = 42")

Inside Sink Dimensions

27" x 17.5" x 8" +/- .5"


25 Gallons

Parts Washer Structure

Heavy-Duty HDPE


Toggle Switch

Pump Capacity

300 gph

Adjustable Thermostat

105° to 115° F

Flow Control Timer

10 Minutes

Standard Equipment

Electric and Air Operated
Pump/Brush; Dolly




Parts Washing Equipment That’s Mobile

This state of the art brake/parts washing machine comes complete with its very own dolly. Simply position the parts washing equipment under the vehicle, and you’re ready to clean brakes easily and safely.


Parts Washing Machine, How Do You Clean?

Our brake washing machine is designed to work synergistically with OzzyJuice, our powerful degreasing solution and OzzyMats, our microbe impregnated particulate filters.

These amazing parts washing systems utilize the natural occurring process of bioremediation to clean the parts and more importantly keep the solution clean.  Clean solution means no more hauling liquid hazardous wastes.   


Bioremediation is the process by which microbes turn harmful materials into non toxic substances…nature’s own way of cleaning the environment.


OzzyJuice is specially formulated to provide excellent cleaning power that is safe for your employees and the environment. This parts washing machine is equipped with a low fluid level indicator to let you know when you need to add more OzzyJuice. Don’t run out…order OzzyJuice for your parts washing systems today.  Contact us to locate a distributor near you.


Our Parts Washing Systems are Simple to Set Up

For fast installation and set up, your part washing machine will be shipped to you fully assembled – just add the fluid, place your OzzyMat on top of the Filter Support Grid, plug in your SmartWasher and you are ready to go.  Safe and easy to operate, the SW-25C requires very little maintenance to maintain…simply change your OzzyMat every 30 days.


Parts Washing Equipment is Safe for the Environment

Our SW-25C parts washing machine eliminates the expense and liability of liquid hazardous waste removal. With no flash point, no toxic solvents, and no caustic materials, the SW-25C is intensely powerful, environmentally responsible and safe. Save money…purchase a parts washing machine today. Contact ChemFree to locate a distributor near you.