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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


The weapons cleaning industry includes branches of the military and law enforcement, as well as companies offering weapons cleaning to private civilians. Proper care and maintenance of small arms, rifles and military artillery is essential, because dirty weapons parts interfere with proper operation. In the wrong circumstances, an improperly cleaned firearm could mean the difference between life and death.


Military-Grade Weapons Cleaning

Military weapons are, arguably, exposed to more dirt and debris than any other weapons. In desert conditions, sand and grit quickly clog a rifle or other weapon, especially when mixed with grease, oil and other unwanted build-up. The resulting mess can result in misfires at critical moments.


Weapons Cleaning and the Private Citizen

Most private citizens won’t need their own part washer for weaponry, even if they’re an avid gun collector. You may, however, be able to find weapons cleaning services through local gun clubs or shooting ranges. Cleaning weapons by hand rarely removes all grease and debris, so the occasional use of a part washer will help keep your gear in the best possible condition.


Bioremediation Part Washers

The SmartWasher® bioremediation system offers significant advantages to the weapons cleaning industry. Unlike many part washers, the SmartWasher system produces no hazardous or toxic liquids, which need careful handling and disposal. The only by-products from our system are carbon dioxide and water.


Our part washers come with three vital elements: the SmartWasher itself, the non-toxic OzzyJuice® cleaning solution and the OzzyMat®, a particulate trap impregnated with beneficial microbes we call Ozzys®.


OzzyJuice is a pH-neutral solution free of hazardous solvents and with no flash point. These features alone improve safety when operating the SmartWasher. Despite a lack of hazardous solvents, OzzyJuice performs as well as more caustic premium solvents.


During operation, the OzzyMat traps any oil and grease particles larger than 40 microns, where the Ozzys breakdown all organic matter. During operation, the OzzyMat also released Ozzys into the OzzyJuice to attack and break down free-floating particles.


SmartWasher Advantages

Safety is the biggest advantage to the SmartWasher system. Operators will not be exposed to caustic solutions, and they won’t need to haul away and dispose of toxic waste liquid. The lack of hazardous waste and byproducts makes the system better for the environment as well.


In terms of productivity, the part washer can clean multiple weapons parts at once, reducing the time weapons are out of use and cutting the time operators spend cleaning large numbers of parts. Because the Ozzys break down all free-floating debris, there’s no need to replace the OzzyJuice. In fact, as long as you replace the OzzyMat once a month, you only need to top up the OzzyJuice as needed, reducing waste and saving costs.


Whether you service the military, law enforcement or private citizens, if you’re in the weapons cleaning industry we offer a cost-effective means of delivering superior parts cleaning.